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Drew Pierson

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Golf Coaching Video: Trail Hip Tip – The Clubhouse Cleveland

May 8, 2024 | Golf Coaching Tips, Video Series

Discover a game-changing drill in this trail hip tip video as PGA Professional Drew Pierson unveils a simple yet incredibly effective method for mastering the art of turning into your trail hip during the backswing.

This transformative technique unleashes newfound stability and power throughout your swing. Try it out today and feel the difference as your glute muscles come alive like never before!


Golf Game Changer: The Trail Hip Tip

Hey everyone, this is Drew Pearson, PGA professional and owner at the Clubhouse Cleveland, and I want to share with you today a drill that’s going to show you how to get loaded into your trail side. Getting loaded into the trail side is a very important part of the backswing, and this drill is a very straightforward way to show you how to do that. So let’s get started.

We’re going to start by getting down in our golf posture. Arms crossed over our shoulders, club across the shoulders, like we’re doing a pivot drill. I’m going to now take my lead foot. So I’m right handed player. That’s my left foot. If you’re a left-handed player, that’ll be your right foot.

I’m going to balance myself on that right leg and my golf posture. If your balance and stability are better than most, you can lift that leg up to 90 degrees. What we want to do is, we want to feel like we’re pushing up through the right leg, making a back swing here. Turning back, you really feel. Feel, now, how you can’t slide your hips, sway your hips over.

You get the sensation of that right hip going back and up. It’s okay for that right leg to straighten a little bit, not to a locked position, but it definitely definitely can straighten, will straighten a little bit. Like I said also, lift that leg up to 90 degrees.

Not only will this help you get that feeling, it will help build that glute strength and help you with stability in your golf swing. I hope this drill helps you. For more information, please visit theclubhousecle.com or come visit me for a golf lesson. Thanks!

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