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FREE Golf Swing Analysis

(with purchase of a lesson package)

Free to schedule. If you decide you don’t want to purchase a lesson package you will pay $60 after the lesson is over.

Our PGA Members and PGA Apprentice instructors have taught over 20 thousand golf lessons combined with a 100% success rate! Come improve faster with our fact-based swing analysis provided by Trackman.

TrackMan is the choice of the golf industry’s top players, coaches, club fitters, equipment manufacturers, and organizations. TrackMan is also used by 800 tour players, the world’s largest broadcast companies: Golf Channel, ESPN, BBC, NHK, and CNN World.

SWING TUNE-UP (Free with purchase of a lesson package)

$0.00 (SAVE $60)
  • Video analysis included
  • Trackman Included
  • 1, 60-Minute Lesson

Offer is valid until May 31st. 1 per person per year.