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Golf Lessons Beachwood OH 2022 | Drew Pierson, PGA Pro

If you’re looking for the best Golf Lessons to improve your 2022 golf season, look no further than The Clubhouse Cleveland in Beachwood, OH.  An accomplished tournament player and experienced golf executive, Drew Pierson is a 10-year Class A PGA Professional whose true passion is teaching others the game of golf — the right way.

Drew Pierson is the Owner of The Clubhouse Cleveland and a Class A PGA Professional
PGA Certified Professional Golfers' Association Golf Instructor Drew Pierson
Drew Pierson is a TPI Certified Golf Instructor in Beachwood, OH

Improving Your Game & Having More Fun

Are golf lessons really worth it? Yes!  Listen, I’m guessing you’re reading this because you love golf.  But every golf lover knows there is nothing more frustrating than showing up to the golf course for your tee time and having a lousy game.  The culprit?  Inconsistency.

With our coaching services we’ll help you tighten up every aspect of your game which ultimately results in having much more fun.  But why choose The Clubhouse Cleveland as your go-to spot for Golf Instruction?

Getting Started

The best way to get started on your journey to becoming a better golfer is to call The Clubhouse Cleveland today while slots are still available.  But what exactly do we offer our students and which available options are the best for you?

Well the best way to answer that question is by speaking to one of our PGA pros to discuss your goals.  And to give you an idea of what’s available to you, here is a brief summary of just some of the services we offer…

Swing Evaluation

The Clubhouse Cleveland Swing Evaluation is a 90 minute session customized for your needs. Each session includes a TPI Physical Screening plus at least 60 minutes of instruction using state of the art Trackman 4 and V1 Sports video-analysis technology. All students will receive a video of their session. You will come away from the session with a roadmap to reach your golf goals.

Speed Training

Speed Training is a 6 week program designed to boost your club-head speed. You will train once a week with a professional and train twice a week on your own. Program fee includes a set of 3 SpeedSticks ($200 MSRP) and training sessions.

Golf Lessons and Packages 

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to improve your golf game.  Each golf lesson is uniquely personalized to you.

Lessons are available for both juniors and adults of all ages and can be purchased as a single golf lesson, a discounted package of lessons, or a bundled package that includes practice time on our golf simulators.

All lessons include a 10 minute warm-up + 50 minutes of instruction.  Bundled Packages Include 2.5 hours of practice time.

Welcome to Golf Beginner Program

Finally, if you looking to learn the game of golf, our Welcome to Golf Program is perfect for you! This 6 lesson program will introduce you to all aspects of the game. After the first 5 lessons, your final session will be spent on the golf course for a playing lesson. 

Session 1:   Full Swing Fundamentals
Session 2:  Chipping & Pitching Basics
Session 3:  Full Swing Fundamentals
Session 4:  Full Swing & Putting
Session 5:  Full Swing & Chipping/Pitching
Session 6:  On-Course Session

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Most big  Not only are our golf instructors TPI Certified Class A PGA Professionals, but we use the same state-of-the-art TrackMan technology that touring professionals use to sharpen their golf game. (1)  

TrackMan 4 uses enhanced radar and camera technology that the pros love to fully evaluate your every single swing including putts, drives and everything in between.  Combine that with our individualized approach and your golf swing will improve faster than you thought possible.

A Year-Round Practice Facility

If you’re wondering how to play golf better, the answer lies in consistency.  The Clubhouse Cleveland is open year round, providing you with access to:

  • the best golf coaches
  • unbeatable TrackMan technology
  • a 1000 square foot putting green
  • our premium golf simulator with 125 golf courses and…
  • 35 tour venues
  • golf events and golf leagues
  • exclusive memberships
  • the ability to track your progress all year long
  • in a fun and amazing atmosphere!

So if you’re serious about finding the best year-round golf coaching available in the Cleveland area or if you’re looking for winter golf lessons to ensure a solid start in the spring, look no further than The Clubhouse Cleveland!

 Now our coaching sessions fill up fast, so read on to see how you can reserve your time slot right away!

Don’t Wait!

No matter what level golfer you are, The Clubhouse Cleveland has something for everybody.  If you’re serious about improving your golf game, give us a call today!



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